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Questionable Credibility : ChatGPT Fails To Pass World's One Of The Toughest Examination, UPSC Exam

When ChatGPT was launched on November 30, 2022, the entire world erupted, but its credibility is now in question following its failure to pass the UPSC prelims examination. 

This well-known chatbot has passed numerous prestigious exams worldwide since its inception, including Google's interview, the US medical license examination, the Wharton MBA exam, and others, but it has yet to pass India's and the world's most difficult civil service recruitment exam, the UPSC prelims. It received only 54% on the exam when the cutoff mark for general candidates was 87.54%, which is considered poor performance.

Because this chatbot did not pass the prelims, it will be unable to sit for the mains exam, which is much more difficult because the bot and students must answer the questions in detail; the mains exam is not a multiple-choice exam like the prelims. 

UPSC Examination:  

The UPSC examination, also known as Civil Service Examination, is a very prestigious exam in India because through this examination government recruits civil servants who serve in Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Forest Service, and other services. 

This Examination is conducted in three phases: a preliminary examination that includes two objective-type papers one is General Studies Paper I and another one is General Studies Paper II, also known as the Civil Service Aptitude Test or CSAT, and a main examination consisting of nine conventional papers including an essay paper, two of which are qualifying and only seven marks are counted, followed by a personality test or interview. 

During the one-year process, a successful candidate must sit for 32 hours of examination. 
To take this exam, someone must have a graduate degree in any subject, regardless of the subject; doctors and engineers are also permitted to take it. 

Passing the UPSC examination is not easy because passing this examination requires not only knowledge but also critical thinking skills, application abilities, and time management skills. 

These three things are critical for passing this exam, and critical thinking is difficult for programmed chatbots because, for the time being, only humans can think critically.