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The World's "Most Valuable" Domain Name,, Is On Sell

The World's "Most Valuable" internet domain on internet,, is on sale. American entrepreneur Gary Kremen, on On May 9, 1994, registered the domain with Network Solutions, an American-based technology company and a subsidiary of, the 4th largest .com domain name registrar. He also founded and Clean Power Finance. Kremen intended to build in the same way that was built, but he was unable to do so. has gone through prolonged legal battles for more than two decades of the journey during its transfer into several hands. Kieren McCarthy, a journalist who covered the legal battle, also wrote and published a book called in 2007. 

After a prolonged legal battle, was relaunched in May 2012, marketing itself on Pinterest, which is an image-sharing and social media service platform. 

In January 2006, Escom LLC reportedly purchased for a whopping 14 million dollars. The domain name had been widely cited as the highest-priced domain sale, with a 14 million dollar price tag. The domain name was ordered to be auctioned off at a foreclosure auction on February 18, 2010. Prior to the auction, Escom LLC's creditors filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy petition, which is insolvency protection, to avoid a potential loss of value by selling the name at foreclosure.

Following that, the domain was transferred to Sedo, the world's largest domain name trading platform, and is now being offered for sale on behalf of Escom LLC. According to Escom LLC, the site receives over 1 million unique visitors per day. Over 20 million people visit from direct entry each month, with another 20 million coming from search engines. Escom LLC hopes to sell this domain for at least $20 million, which is why the lower bid is set at $20 million. 

There are other domain names that were sold to others at record prices, such domain names are: was sold for 3 million dollars, was sold for 1.1 million dollars, and was sold for 1 million dollars.