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6 Takeaways from Tawang Clash- What it implicates

Tawang is a historically and naturally incredible place in India's history. It is located in Arunachal Pradesh at an altitude of 3025 m above sea level. Tawang is strategically important to India because it is home to the Indian Air base and it was the place through which Dalai Lama came to India in 1959 when China invaded and captured Tibet. Since China's Tibet annexation, China has been building its troops along the Indian border following their "five figure policy". As a result of that they invaded India in 1962 to capture the whole Arunachal Pradesh but they were unable to do so because of the American influence. The famous five finger policy is China's unfinished business of Tibet annexation. According to them Tibet is unfinished without Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. China consider Arunachal Pradesh as part of Southern Tibet and they are desperate about this state. In desperation China even renamed 14 places of Arunachal Pradesh in 2021.

China's bellicosic activity against India is an ongoing process since Communist party's Mao Zedong became the President of China. They are in no mood to take a back seat. China invaded Indian territory in Ladakh in middle of Covid when the whole world was locked inside due to the spread of Chinese Covid virus strain. China even tried to forcefully capture Indian land near Galwan Valley. As they were trying to capture Indian post, due to that major fight broke out between the two Asian giants and as a result of that India lost 20 of its brave soldier and Chinese lost more than 45 soldiers, some sources claimed that number is even higher nearer of 60. 

This time in Tawang sector Indian soldiers were ready for the Chinese because Chinese were building up their troops since 2020. They doubled their troop presence along the border of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh before Communist party convention of 2022 in which CCP selected Xi Jingping as China's president. There are several reasons that spooked Chinese to take such aggressive step against India. Some reports unofficially claimed that in Tawang clash 34 Indian soldiers and 40 Chinese soldiers reportedly injured. 

The Chinese aggression this time raised some legitimate points that we should look at :- 

1. The Pentagon in its briefing stated their firm support to India and Indian troops for their bravery against Chinese aggression. China is already spooked by India-US Yudh Abhyas,2022 that was held in Auli in Uttarakhand, which is only 100 km away from Chinese border. They are also advising India not to cement relationship with the United States. According to them Indian relationship with the USA is not in Indian's interest and it will hamper China's relationship with India. They are also not in the favour of buying American advance weapon systems. 
2. Indian Defence minister has briefed Indian parliament about the incident and said Chinese has failed to transgress deep into Indian territory because of the bravery of Indian soldiers. Chinse has also failed to grab any inch of Indian territory. 
3. China was targeting Indian outpost in Yanki which is only 1000 meters away from Chinese base. The area had seen major face-off in 2016 and another in October 2021 when PLA attempted to claim a 17,000 foot of high peak that is in Indian control. This peak is strategically important for India because this peak gives clear view of Chinese side and it helps India to do proper surveillance against Chinese troops build up. 
4. Chinese are desperately trying to provoke unwarranted events along the Arunachal border because Indian government is building roads, runway, bunkers, tunnels, command centre, and surveillance centres. Indian government has invested 44,000 crore rupees to build massive infrastructure in Arunachal Pradesh along with other North-Eastern states. This budget is the highest among other N-E states. This is also the main reason behind the Chinese aggression. 
5. China tried to divert its internal quell against the government to outside by exporting externalization of problems. They did same during Covid time by invading Indian Ladakh after Covid they tried to create environment around Taiwan during the time of Pelosi's Taiwan visit. 
6. Chinese transgession has also exposed the intention of some politicians in India. In India politician are divided in National unity even after official briefing from Indian Military. Opposition and Ruling party have to find some common grounds in matters like national security and national security.