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Unidentified Object Anomaly (UFO) Over The Sky Of The US And Canada After Chinese Balloon Saga: 4 Objects In 8 Days

The United States airspace has been breached by four objects in a span of a mere one-month timeline, one of which was a Chinese spy balloon and the other three unidentified objects. 

First, the Chinese spy balloon entered US airspace and stayed for 7 days before being shot down by an AIM-9X missile fired by America's most expensive fighter, the F-22 over the Atlantic ocean off the coast of South Carolina on February 4. 

The second object was discovered by the US Air Force last Friday over the skies of Alaska and later the unidentified object was shot down. 

Following Friday's incident, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) discovered another cylinder-shaped unidentified object over Canadian airspace on Saturday, and it was shot down by an American F-22 jet under the direct command of Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau. 

The next octagonal shape unidentified object has been detected and shot down over the US airspace near the border of Canada over Lake Huron by an F-16 fighter. 

Except for the Chinese balloon, the rest of the objects have been identified as unidentified, and these events have raised some speculative questions, which are being raised by curious citizens of the United States and citizens of other countries, and the main question they are raising is whether those unidentified objects are truly unidentified or whether they are UFOs, spy objects of their own, or any objects which are being used by the US's enemy states; Russia, China, and North Korea. 

We will not discuss any conspiracy theories in this article; instead, we will examine the facts in depth and assess the impact of events in the United States. 

Scary Chinese Balloon:  

The Chinese balloon has occupied the front page of every newspaper and digital media platform for at least two weeks since its first entry into the US air space through Alaska. 

This event is raising some meaningful questions about the credibility of the US response to the invasion of objects over the US airspace because the Chinse balloon stayed a long time before being shot down by an F-22 raptor. 

The Chinese balloon first entered the airspace of Alaska on January 28 before crossing over western Canada, and finally, on January 31, it entered the airspace of Idaho before flying over the important nuclear installation, and airforce bases of Montana, and ending up over the Atlantic Ocean on February 4, where it was shot down strategically to collect the debris at an ocean depth of only 15 feet, but the debris were scattered all over the ocean because it was shot at a paramount height of 19,000 meters, or 62,336 feet. 

The debris has been sent to the FBI for further investigation and a detailed review of the balloon. This balloon incident has spared a war of words between United State officials and China, and because of the furious exchange of words resulted in the cancellation of US State secretary, Anthony Blinken's visit to China. 

The Chinese official defended its balloon by identifying it as a weather balloon rather than a spy balloon, but US officials insist that China used that balloon to spy on the US critical installation. 

According to the US Department of Defense, the Chinese balloon was made up of a cylindrical object associated with solar panels and possibly spy cams. The sheer size of the balloon indicated that the balloon was not a weather one but a spy in the true sense. 

The balloon's height was 60 meters, which is equivalent to a 19-story building, and its size was identical to an Embraer ERJ jet, which varies between 26 meters and 30 meters in length. The weight of the balloon was thought to have around 900 kilograms. 

As a result of this additional investigation, other questions arise: how did this massive object enter US airspace, and how did it remain there for so long when it was visible to the naked eye? Anyway, the answer will be revealed in the future, so let's move on to other unidentified objects.

Unidentified Objects Or Something Else:  

The US airforce has been busy in the last eight days countering objects over the skies of the United States when the world is comparatively peaceful except for one ongoing incident in Europe. 

On February 10th, exactly one week after the Chinese balloon saga, another unidentified object was identified by the NORAD air-defense system, prompting the USAF to scramble an F-22 raptor fighter to shoot down the object, which was posing a threat to commercial airlines due to its height of 40,000 feet, well within the commercial calling of 42,000 feet. 

According to John F. Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, unlike the previous massive transporting spy balloon with a massive payload, there was no immediate evidence that the object was a flying balloon and it was involved in collecting data through surveillance. 

Another unidentified object was detected by NORAD the very next day over the sky of Canada flying at around 30,000 feet, which had been shot down by an F-22 raptor jet, approximately 100 miles from the Canada-U.S. border in the central Yukon.

After shooting down the object, a "radar anomaly" was discovered in Montana, resulting in the closure of the airspace for at least one hour, and the USAF scrambled a jet to investigate the cause of the abnormal radar anomaly. The object which was shot down over Yukon was a shape of a cylinder and approximately the size of a school bus or even smaller. The search and recovery operation was conducted by Canadian armed forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 

The next incident of unidentified objects was reported last Sunday afternoon, with the object spotted over Lake Huron near the Canadian border. The unidentified object was octagonal in shape and was shot down by an F-16 fighter from the United States Air Force. 

The object did not pose a military threat, according to the Pentagon, but it could have potentially interfered with domestic and international air traffic because it was flying at only 20,000 feet or 6,100 meters, and it may have had some surveillance activities. 

After receiving criticism from Chinese balloon handling, the United States air force is on high alert to take action swiftly against any unidentified objects over the Sky of the United States or Canada. But, one question remains. 

How these unidentified objects are breaching the US Air Space in the first place? 

Since the cold war, the US military has solidified its air defense against any attack over North American territory, and the job of identifying and tracking potential threats before they even cross into American airspace has been assigned to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). 

The system was designed to detect any covert missile attack by the Soviet Union or, more recently, North Korean ballistic missiles. 

So, if that system is so efficient and dependable, how do four Chinese balloons from Texas, Florida, and Hawaii, as well as three other unidentified objects, breach it? 

These events expose the system's serious gaps and grey areas, which must be addressed immediately in light of the events triggered by the Chinese. 

The Pentagon has not yet released data on these incidents, citing the need to protect the national security of the United States and Canada. The US defense department is still investigating the balloon events that occurred prior to the current events. 

Experts recommend that the US government implement measures such as a hot air balloon with surveillance equipment floating off the coast of the US to detect objects before they enter the airspace. The integrated centralized radar information system is the next one to reduce the delay in detecting the objects that were experienced in the preceding cases.

There are so many unidentified objects over the sky of the United States and Canada that raises one question and the question is, was any object extraterrestrial or all generated on our very earth? We all will be waiting for a definite answer because speculation will only generate bad knowledge. 

Although we are all aware of extraterrestrial objects from various events during nuclear testing after WWII, as well as Project Blue Book. All of the events are available from unofficial sources, and for the time being, we must consider them solely in terms of foreign policy and geopolitics.