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China's clandestine attempt to capture India's Arunachal failed miserably after Galwan debacle

The belligerent Chinese troops again tried to change the status quo of the Line of Actual (LAC) control by transgressing the Yangtse area near Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. This is the second time they tried to change the status quo of the border. Previously, they tried to change the status quo of the border in the Ladakh region and during that time bloody Galwan clash happened in that clash 20 Indian soldiers and more than 45 Chinese soldiers lost their lives, respectively. Since then Chinese and Indian soldiers are holding bilateral talks to resolve the issue in Galwan, Pangong Tso, Gogra, Hot Spring, Depsang, and Demchok. Both sides agreed to disengage from the above region because of the hostile environment and economical loss, But the Chinese want to escalate the matter to its zenith to quell their internal kakistocracy against their own president, Xi Jinping, and his total authoritarian government. Chinese are again standing at the doorstep of another Tianmen square protest, which they are trying to prevent desperately by escalating border disputes and war against India and Taiwan respectively. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping came to power last October for the third time in a row by manipulating the power equation within the country and quelling anger against him within his own party. According to china experts, some political murder has also been done by the deep state to keep Xi in power. Although, Xi's policy has proven to be an utter failure since its inception as president. First, he implements the "One Belt One Road" policy to capture important strategic ports and airports all around the world to counter the USA on large scale and to counter India in the Indian Ocean region. To implement this policy China first gave a huge amount of loans to countries in then the name of infrastructure development at a clandestine interest rate. But this policy failed badly when most of the countries failed to repay the loan amount on time because of that biggest Chinese banks and investors started losing their money after Covid and almost all the banks collapsed immediately. This incident created the "Domino Effect" in the Chinese real estate and infrastructure sectors and both of these sectors crashed immediately although the Chinese denied any of this. They also conceal the near failure of their high-speed rail network and massive domestic airline networks. Besides all these reasons their so-called "Zero-Covid Policy" have created a vacuum in the job market because every bigger organizations are shifting their manufacturing base from China to neighboring countries like Vietnam and India. Chinese people are protesting against their government in open and some prominent news outlets covered that story religiously. 

December 9 event is just an attempt to create a new front to pacify the internal anger against the Present Chinese government. The People's Liberation Army's troops transgressed the Indian side with proper planning that's why they used drones aggressively and more than 300 soldiers, some sources are claiming that there were 600 soldiers on the Chinese side. They were planning to shoot Indian soldiers using drones to manipulate the 1996 non-aggression treaty between these two Asian giants. According to the 1996 treaty, neither side shall open fire, causing biodegradation, use hazardous materials, conduct blast operations or hunt with guns or explosives within 2 kilometers of the Line of Actual Control. India was fully prepared for this kind of aggression from the Chinese sid90,...e whether in the western sector or the eastern sector, especially after the Galwan clash. Because of that India activated its airfare 3 to 4 times to thwart Chinese drone attack. India already has a strategic air base in Tawang from there India dispatched Su-30 MKI. Besides that India also activated two more bases in Assam, Tezpur & Chhabua. In both of those bases, India already had additional Su-30 MKI squadrons. In Hasimara, West Bengal India already deployed the most advanced 4.5 generation Rafael. India also activated its most advanced S-400 missile defense system which India bought from Russia even after strong American protests. 

Why did China invade Arunachal Pradesh? What was their intention? 

According to China, the 90,000 sq. km of the state belongs to china because they claimed it to be part of Tibet, and they believe it is their South Tibet. Like they always claim Ladakh, Sikkim, and part of Uttarakhand as their own. In 1962 they captured the Indian portion of Aksai Chin to make a strategically important road to china through the Xinxian region. They also captured Arunachal Pradesh but they moved back under the USA's pressure. 
Their main moto is to control the whole Himalayan region and cut off India from Himalayan states, Nepal and Bhutan. For India, Tawang is very important to maintain the strategic security of its compatriot state Bhutan. For China, Tawan is politically and strategically important because in 1959 Dalai Lama came to India from Tawang and permanently took his residency in the Indian state, and strategic importance is related to Bhutan, to cut Bhutan off from the Indian protective network and open the eastern flank of Bhutan to capture the Bhutanese Land. Chinse tried to do the same during the Doklam clash at that time India responded aggressively this time too Chinese soldiers bite the dust. 

Chinese will never stop doing such kind of nonsensical acts until they make themselves militarily and economically powerful and omnipotent in all sectors. And Arunachal Pradesh is like their dream like they dreamt of Taiwan. This was the dream of their founding father and cruelest leader Mao Zedong who created china as a truly centralized authoritarian state but Den Xiaoping made china an open market economy. In Xi's vision, China should get back to Mao's rigid centralized ruled state, as he is following his ideology that's why he is orchestrating the Uygur genocide in the Xinxian region and they are trying to capture Indian territory as they did in 1962. 
What India could do in this matter? 
India has to put pressure Chinese side economically by cutting dependence on cheap Chinese imports. Last time, during the Galwan Valley clash India cut china off from the Indian digital market by banning Chinese apps from all app stores. This time India has to ban all Chinese manufacturers who promote terrorism in India using Pakistan and money laundering and India has to remind China that this is not the India of 1962 it is 2022's India. 
India is one of the biggest markets in the world that's why India has to hurt china where it will hurt them most.