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EU parliament's transparency comes under scrutiny and attack after Qatargate grows its tentacles

The Greek MEP was removed from her own party PESOK after she was detained by Belgian police in the Qatargate scandal. She is also facing suspension from the European parliament as vice president.

Belgian police have raided the houses of members of parliament regarding the Qatargate scandal. Police have raided 19 houses including the house of the main perpetrator Eva Kaili. She is in jail now waiting for a court appearance regarding her involvement in providing a favor to Qatar and its officials regarding Human Rights violations in their own country. Qatar is a monarchy ruled by a king and his compatriates, due to the kingship Qatar is an authoritarian state, and it follows rigid and cruel sharia law. Under this law, they treat laborers like slaves and aliens. And MEPs of European Parliaments were advocating for Qatar and were arranging visa-free travel for them by seeking approval from European Parliament through debate and voting. Qataris were allegedly trying to buy votes from European Parliamentarians because of that Belgian police found 600,000 pounds during raids. They have also found some electronic pieces of evidence. 

The President of the European Parliament described this event as an attack on democracy and democratic ideas and infrastructure. In her words, its "open, free, democratic societies are under attack
". European Union calls corruption charges on European members "Very Very Worrisome". But European hypocrisy was exposed when European Commission president "Ursula von der Leyen" refuse to answer questions about her vice president Margaritis Schinas' relation with Qatar at a press briefing Monday. After her refusal to give an answer the Brussels Press corps furiously seek answers on the recent Qatari scandal. 
The Qatar world cup inauguration ceremony was attended by the Greek Commissioner, last month and later she tweeted in the favor of Qatari so-called labor law reform. She drew criticism for her appraisal from other MEPs. 

Eva Kaili has already been removed from her own S&D party and she has been stripped from all her responsibilities and duties being vice president of the European Parliament. Her family's assets in Greece have already been frozen by the Greece government after 150,000 pounds were found in her Hotel room suitcase and her husband's questionable role, in this case, has also been revealed by police. 
Her husband, Franciso Giorgi, is involved in this case through an NGO, Fight Impunity. He is the founder member of this NGO. This NGOs alleged role in clearing cases regarding Human Rights violations by Qatar came to the limelight when this Qatarigate scandal has been busted by Belgian police. "Fight Impunity" delivers reports on human rights to the EU even though they were not registered with European Union or any legit European body. This makes the EU's naked face regarding its unbreakable integrity to transparency. As this NGO is not registered with the EU, then the EU can't punish this NGO for its grave wrongdoing in the name of Human rights & protecting an authoritarian state. The EU's ethics body has also been compromised because of its lackluster behavior to hold perpetrators accountable. 

The Hungarian president, Viktor Orban described the EU as not a democratic body in his tweet. He described his view angrily because European Union raised question marks over the democratic structure of the Hungry and describe the Hungry as a corruptible state because of his support of Russian energy.