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Pakistan's Climate Donations: How UN Hypocrisy Is Weakening Multilateralism & How UN Is Giving Birth To Unjust Behaviour To African Countries?

Pakistan, a fabricated state, is experiencing a severe economic crisis in the novella's 75th year. Pakistan's economic crisis stems from the Pakistani government's impunity in handling internal affairs, as well as the spread of terrorism on its western border as a result of the state's support for terrorists since the state's inception in 1947.

Adding more fuel to Pakistan's ongoing economic crisis is the fact that the country is experiencing the aftermath of the severe flood of 2022, which devasted the country's infrastructure, displace almost 40 million population, and nearly 1700 people were killed, including over 600 children. 

The world economic forum has declared Pakistan's flood as the 6th costliest climatic disaster of 2022, which cost Pakistan more than $5.6 billion but according to the Pakistani government's estimation, the cost of the devastation is nearly $30 billion, this is a staggering sum even for developed countries.

For Pakistan, it is like a black hole in their already dilapidated economy; an economy that has been limping since the Covid recovery of 2021. As Pakistan's economy was already sputtering, several countries assisted Pakistan in recovering from the flood's curse, but why wasn't that enough for them? Why does Pakistan require more? 

The catch is the United States and its dominance in Asia, particularly in Central Asia. But where does the UN come into play between Pakistan and the US? Question is: 

How is the US using the UN to help Pakistan recover from its escalating economic crisis?

The relationship between Pakistan and the United State goes back to the days of 1947 when Pakistan was created by the United Kingdom by separating it from greater India. Pakistan was allegedly established to shield the Middle East and the Indian Ocean region from the Soviet Union and its communist ideology. The ideological difference between the so-called west led by the United States and the Soviet Block goes back to 1900 due to which colonial British rulers of India invaded Afghanistan to make it a buffer state between the Soviets and its unscrupulous mighty colonial empire. 

Even after WWII, the scenario remains the same, giving birth to the century's most gruesomely fought shadow or proxy war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Since then, the world has seen the rise of a bipolar world, which came to an end in 1991 with the disintegration of the Soviet Union. 

During that time, Pakistan became the United States' most trusted ally and collaborator in its global conspiracy. Pakistan became a member of the US-led groups; CENTO or Baghdad Pact and SENTO. Their friendship became prominent When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, the United States used Pakistan as a proxy to promote mujahideen culture in Afghanistan and Pakistan by investing in well-planned Madrasas along the Afghan border. 

Now again, the United State need Pakistan to control and contain the Taliban regime within Afghanistan and choke its ideological spread all over the south Asian region. The US needed Pakistan when they invade Afghanistan in 2001 to use Pakistani soil to launch an operation against the Taliban.

Therefore, Pakistan is truly not an Independent state, it's a vessel state of the United State. the US used Pakistan when they needed and they pay billions for them. As a consequence of that Pakistan has been able to save itself at least 23 times from going into a total economic disaster. Every time, the US government assisted Pakistan in arranging an IMF economic recovery package by acting as a guarantor of their loan or package.

This time the US has failed to secure a loan for Pakistan because the IMF is already under intense pressure as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the possibility of a recession in 2023. Consequently, the US government pushed the United Nation to adjure money from other nations under the guise of Pakistan's devastating flood using the floor of the UN in Geneva. This helped Pakistan to raise $9.5 billion dollars, which is more than their present rickety Forex reserve. 

The UN's decision to go to such lengths to save Pakistan from bankruptcy was preposterous. There was no need for that, especially given the other climatic disasters occurring in other parts of the world. 

Was that a laughable move? 

In 2022, the world witnessed several climatic disasters in different countries. China ranks first with a total cost of $188 billion, while the United States also suffers significant losses due to natural disasters, with a total cost of $165 billion. India also lost more than $45 billion due to climate disasters caused by incessant rain in India's northeast and south and heat waves in India's north and west, an amount 3 times greater than Pakistan's military budget and equal to its import bill. 

Not only are these countries the poorest continent Africa is also suffering due to climatic loss which is more than Pakistan's entire budget. Then the question is: 

Why is Africa not given the same platform as Pakistan by the UN or the US?

Because the US has no strategic interest in Africa, or because the US is not fighting a proxy war in Europe against Russia through Ukraine? The first reason is as valid as the second one. The African continent is the playground of European powers like France and Asian power like India and China, as they are the US ally except for China so they don't need to give Africa the same look as they are giving to Pakistan. 

Pakistan needed to be rescued once more in order to assist the US in Europe's war against Russia in Ukraine. Pakistan is already sending weapons to Ukraine and is attempting to send Uranium fuel to help Ukraine build a dirty bomb to aid in a false flag operation. Recently, Pakistani-origin uranium has been detected at London's Heathrow airport. 

On the other hand, the African population is dying and refraining from having the aid that they deserve and they also deserve more aid and more attention from the United Nation. This year the African continent had gone through a chilling killing spree due to a climatic disaster in several nations, especially the east, and southern parts of African nations.  

African nail-biting climatic disasters!  

The mortality rate in Africa is 9.38 per 1000, which is higher than the global rate of 8 per 1000, indicating that climatic disasters are sweeping the continent. A continent whose population is 121.61 crores lower than China's, whose economy is $3.0 trillion lower than India's, and whose contribution to global carbon emissions is only 4%, yet the continent bears the brunt of climatic disaster. Africa desperately needs a "loss and damage" finance facility, which developed countries promised at COP27. COP27 is a United Nations program on climate change, but the UN has yet to fulfill its promise to Africa, leaving them desperate, and UN general secretary Antonio Guteress's heart was broken after visiting Pakistan's flood-hit regions. Isn't it climatic hypocrisy at its peak? 

Some unruly weather events may shine a light on the UN's hypocrisy.  

1. In Nigeria, over 500 people lost their lives to devastating floods in 2022, with an almost equal number of homes and dozens of infrastructure destroyed. 

2. In April, floods killed over 250 people in the coastal province of Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa.

3. South African countries, including Madagascar and Mozambique, were battered by 6 severe storms this year, killing at least 900 people and causing floods in plains. 

4. Nearly 2 million people in Chad were affected by floods in August and October. 

Africa seems to be under siege, with the wrath of nature striking from all corners. Not only devasted floods the heat wave is causing death, especially children. Between 2011 and 2022 heat waves caused deaths of children between 12000 and 19000. Heat waves not only kill people, but they also cause drought, which leads to famine as crops die due to a lack of water. Crops are dying in some areas due to excessive rain, while others are suffering from a lack of rain; it's a double whammy for the African population, with the Ukraine war also limiting wheat imports to the continent. Some drought-related events. 

1. Drought and famine killed 2500 people in Uganda and affected 8 million in Ethiopia in 2020, with no significant support from the UN, the US, or any other country except India. Despite the fact that Uganda has far more deaths than Pakistan, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was unmoved. 

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents in the world to climate change. The world's heart should melt in the same way that their heart melts in Pakistan's pain. 

In conclusion, The would have been a better place without the presence of the US and Russia. These two superpowers are bombing the world with their dirty politics and power games. At least for now, the world seems to be returning to the age of the cold war, and the world moving toward the arena of geopolitical competition and military supremacy. 

In this unequal war, the poor countries will lose their resources for various reasons, one of the reasons is a climate disaster. African countries will bear the grant in the pawn and king game. African nations will be used as a bet to offset the advantages of superpowers. Climate change, which is the UN's main agenda, will be pushed to the back burner, and the UN will revert to its former status as the League of Nations prior to World War II. The world will enter another devastating war, but there will be nothing left to change or repair, especially the climate, which will be obliterated by nuclear fume.