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Is Asim Munir, the newly appointed head of the Pakistani army, going to keep building up Pakistan's military empire based on India hate? Old wine in aNew bottle!

A conspiracy that was created by some leaders of the undivided Indian state and some members of the ruling elite of the western elements led to the creation of Pakistan as a whole. India and Pakistan were separated based on two nation theory in 1947.

Pakistan's independence exposed the dishonesty of western democracies because it was based on religion-Islam-and as a result, Pakistan became an Islamic state rather than a secular one. After 1947 they adopted the policy of theocracy under the guise of democracy. Although Pakistan bills itself as a democracy, the country actually is dominated by the military, primarily the Pakistani Chief of Army Staff.

The Pakistani Chief of Army staff rules Pakistan with omnipotence, treating it like a medieval empire. To amass fortune through military dealings, the army or any military personnel engages in Kleptocracy. There is no transparency in the Pakistani army. Army generals extend their terms by using the country's prime minister as their pawn. Using the then-PM Imran Khan, General Asim Salem Bajwa, Munir's predecessor, prolonged his term by two years.

In his retirement speech, General Bajwa clears the army's stand on the political establishment. He said the army will no longer interfere in Pakistani politics. They will keep themselves away from politics being a neutral entity. Bajwa's rhetoric was just a manufactured lie because of constant attacks from former PM Imran Khan. Imran Khan blamed the army and the USA for his dethronement from the Primeministership. 

Imran was kicked out of the chair under the watch of General Bajwa. Since Pakistan's founding, the Pakistani army has viewed politics as a game of thrones that they enjoy playing.

Pakistan is a country that witnessed several coup d'etat in its small 75 years of history. The journey of military dictatorship was started by Iskandar Mirza. Their longest-serving military dictator was Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and the latest was General Pervez Musharaff. All these military dictators either judicially eliminated their political masters or some were killed or sidelined using state actors. 

Asim Munir will not be going to break the military custom of Pakistan that the Army will remain neutral. They can't stay neutral they run the country's biggest business house to feed their grotesques belly. The army is deep into the business. Their business empire is worth a whopping $40 billion which is the largest in the country. They run private security farms, bakeries, farms, schools, insurance, cement manufacturing, and cereal manufacturing plants. 

Apart from this massive business empire, the Pakistani army created another business empire by spewing venom against India and other religions. According to them, Islam is pure but other religious peoples are Kafir which means ungrateful and non-believer and these people don't have the right to live side by side with them.

Their business regarding India is Gajwa-e-Hind. They want to capture India to turn it into an Islamic state. On the basis of this theory, they attacked India 4 times and lost decisively 4 times. Spewing venom against India is a sustainable guarantee in Pakistan that their reign will continue infinitely. 

Asim Munir was not an exception to that, When he became chief of army staff then he first visited Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and assured Pakistani people of fake Indian attacks. India never invaded any country in its thousand years of history, why on earth India will attack a nation that is full of religious fanatics and illiterates? According to the Indian government and army the entire Kashmir belongs to India and it is India's legitimate right because there was no Pakistan 75 years ago. 

Munir should have visited its western border where Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Afghani Taliban are culling Pakistani army personnel every day. Yesterday, TTP captured an anti-terror station of the Pakistani army in Waziristan where they took 2 policemen hostage. They are demanding the release of their captured personnel in return for those policemen. 

Two days prior TTP burned a police station killing 4 policemen, the Afghan Taliban are uprooting border fencing every day to violate the imaginary Durand Line. The Chaman border post has been attacked by the Taliban forces resulting in some loss of civilian lives. Every single day border fight is being intensified by the Taliban and TTP but the Chief of Army Staff is playing his own ball game with India which doesn't exist. The Chief of army staff is keeping their eye shut and not allowing the country's news outlets to cover these events elaborately to save his empire and his tenure. 

Last month, A news report was published by a Pakistani reporter about Bajwa's wealth and empire. Bajwa holds billions of dollars worth of empire in the country and outside, Dubai, Canada, and the USA. After that report, the news website was banned by the Pakistani government to check the spread of the truth. 

Not only General Bajwa, every Pakistani high-ranking general holds billion of dollars worth of wealth in Pakistan. The famous Asim Salem Bajwa is popularly known as Pizza general because he holds a franchise chain of Papa John's pizza in UAE and the USA. These generals were never punished by the country's judiciary because Judges are handpicked pawns of Army generals. Generals are the master of judges. So Generals got licenses of doing anything in the country. 

In the world, there is a very famous phrase about Pakistan and that is "Country always owes army but for Pakistan Army owes the country". So, Asim Munir has the license to loot his country for at least 3 years if his term will be extended by his puppets, then who knows how many years?