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US Special Force Operation Eliminates 30 Al-Shabab Terrorist and IS leader of Somalia, Bilal al-Sudani

Somalia's ISIS leader, Bilal al-Sudani, has been killed in a covert operation carried out by US navy seals on 25th January 2023. 

He was hiding out in a remote mountain cave complex in northern Somalia.

Al-sudani previously worked with the Islamist terrorist group of Somalia, Al-Shabab, Salafi-Jihadist Military, and Political Organizations, later he joined the Somalian Islamic State group

He worked as a fundraiser and propagator of ISIS ideology throughout Africa.

He was a main recruiter of terrorists to work for the Islamic State of Iraq and Levante.

He recruited people from Africa and Europe to work for the Islamic state. 

Al-sudani's propaganda has also had an impact on the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, and Mozambique, and he has assisted groups in the southern and western parts of Africa countries in becoming ancillaries of the Islamic State. 

Al-Sudani was working with South African ISIS leader "Abdelle Hussein Abadigga", to recruit young men in South Africa for Islamic State and send them to the training camps for weapon training. 

The terrorist state's leader was killed by US marines following an order from US President Joe Biden.

The order was to kill or capture the leader, but circumstances favored killing the terrorist, so he was eliminated. 

The Marines were stationed in the Somalian capital, Mogadishu to train the Somalian state soldiers. 

During Donald Trump's presidency, the Marines were withdrawn from Somalia's capital, but Biden's election resulted in the reintroduction of forces.

During the operation, the forces used helicopters instead of drones to make sure of the killing of the Al-sudani. The forces eliminated 10 more ISIS terrorists along with, Al-sudani. 

According to the UN report, there are at least 200 to 300 ISIS terrorists operating in Somalia along with the Somalian homegrown terrorist group Al-Shabab. 

Al-Shabab is also known as Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen, the group mainly controls the Somalian north and this group is the main culprit behind the Somalian civil war. They want to establish Somalia as an Islamic Emirate of Somalia since 2011. 

ISIS and Al-Shabab are both affiliated with Al-Qaeda and are propagated by Al-Qaeda's ideology. 

Before killing Al-Sudani, the US air force strike group worked with Somali state forces to eliminate Al-Shabab militants in the town of Galcad, about 260 kilometers northeast of Mogadishu. 

The operation was critical for the stability of the eastern African region and the stability of the UN-sponsored Somalian government in controlling the northern part of the country. 

The air strike occurred while the army was being attacked by over 100 militants. 

Earlier, after storming a military base in Galcad, Islamists killed seven soldiers, and dozens of militants were killed by the state forces, According to Somalia's Information Ministry.

Al-Shabab is a deadly terrorist organization in Somalia, which has been fighting the Somalian state government since 2006 to impose Islamic rule in Somalia. The group has been suspected to forge an alliance with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula

Terrorism must be eradicated from the face of the earth because it harms humanity's core ethics and fosters the ethics of hatred and violence in humanity. 

For Somalia, The Al-Shabab terrorist organization is cancer in society. Because of this group, the Somalian people are suffering from an endless famine and a lifeless existence within the country. Their anguish appears to have no end in sight.

Therefore, only the abolition of terrorism will result in a harmonious society capable of living a peaceful life on Earth for the people of Somalia and the rest of the world.