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How China's internal strife is endangering its neighbours-China sends an army to India's Tawang & 71 planes into Taiwan's ADIZ

At the start of 2022, the fever of Covid-19 is back on track because of China's poor Covid management.

China was and continues to be responsible for this manufactured virus, designed by Chinese scientists and political leaders to manipulate global geopolitics and the global economy.

But it is causing more harm to them than they ever expected. Millions of Chinese lost their lives and are continuously giving up their lives because of faulty drugs and the distribution of drugs using "Covid call centers". 

When the world was gripped by Covid pain, the Chinese believed they would become an economic and military superpower. But their plan failed miserably, their own economy shattered by the So-Called "Zero Covid Plan". 

As a result of that plan, the world's most renowned manufacturers fled China. Companies were deprived of labor because the labor class population was forced to remain at home in order to prevent the spread of Covid. This pandemic is now threatening the global economy as well as their own.

As China's economy deteriorates, the Chinese communist political party is desperately attempting to change the situation by employing extreme nationalism. As a result, the People's Liberation Army is trying to invade India on multiple fronts, while the People's Liberation Army Air Force and Navy are trying to invade Taiwan since its inception after the end of the Chinese civil war. 

China is an authoritarian state. They use muscle power to digress the voice of their own population and for their neighbor, they use military power. 

why is China using its muscle power against Taiwan and India? 

1. The Chinese economy is crumbling like a house of cards and the population is raising its voices against the Chinese communist regime, they are coming out in the open to reveal their anger against their own government. The people are demanding the removal of "Xi Jinping" because of his aggressive and faulty policy against his own population and other countries. 

2. The second reason is particularly enticing for the Chinese government. Prior to 2014, India's approach to China was sluggish and defensive, and it was always ostrich-like. India lost to China in 1962, and that defeat overshadowed India's victories over China in 1967 and 1975. India has never highlighted these events out of political necessity. And, due to a lack of political will and political naiveté, India never modified its border infrastructure. Now The Narendra Modi government is currently developing border infrastructure at breakneck speed. This development has shocked the Chinese government, and they have decided to poke the Indian border development in order to maintain their phony Asian Tiger image.

3. The third reason is more historical in nature, and it is related to Taiwan's historical appearance on the world map in 1950. After the Chinese civil war, the US-led Kuomintang party leaders fled from the mainland and lived on the island formally known as Formosa. They created a new nation in the name of Taiwan. China has claimed Taiwan as its own since then, citing ethnicity, language, and history. Chinese incursion against the island nation has increased in the last three to four years as US influence has grown since the arrival of the Democrat government.

Chinese incursion against India 

China has already captured India's Aksai Chin citing historical facts that were based on Chinese manufactured studies. India lost almost 38,000 km2 of land to China because of the failure of India's political will and military preparedness. 

However, in 1967 and 1975, India responded appropriately to Chinese aggression. Chinese got a taste of their own medicine like the way they tested in 1967 & 1975 in the 2020 Galwan clash. But it left India in deep agony after its loss of 20 brave soldiers in return Chinese lost more than 50 of theirs. Although they never released the numbers of death because of their political compulsion due to internal incoherence. 

Following Galwan, the Chinese again attempted to invade India on December 9th through India's strategically important point in Tawang. This time too they lost their plot miserably. 

Chinese will continue to do so in the near future, using various other fronts such as Himachal and Uttrakhand.

Chinese aggression against Taiwan  

In today's world, Chinese aggression against Taiwan is a common occurrence. China's air force stepped up its incursion into sensitive areas near Taiwan to the highest level since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit 5 months ago. Since then, China is undermining the sovereignty of Taiwan and threatening its democracy as it did with Hong Kong.

During UK trade minister "Greg Hands'" visit to Taiwan amid Russia-Ukraine tensions, the PLA sends 31 aircraft into Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone on November 8, 2022.

On January 23, China launched its first incursion into Taiwan's defense zone, sending 39 planes. In comparison to August's 446 incursions, this month saw a record 196 incursions.

They sent 71 aircraft into Taiwan's defense zone this time to intimidate the Taiwanese government. China dispatched 41 fighters to the island's south, with the remainder heading north and east. This is the most aircraft China has sent since their last major incursion on October 4, 2021, when they sent 56 fighters and bombers.

The increase in Chinese incursion peaked in 2019 with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. They violated Taiwan's airspace 146 times in 2020, 969 times in 2021, and 1700 times in 2022, reaching an all-time high.

This time China sends 7 ships along with 71 fighters and bombers. China is always skeptical of US influence in the region. According to Chinese officials, the US is trying to impose war in this region by sending help to India and Taiwan, but the truth is exactly the opposite.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is under pressure from all sides, He is facing political, military, and economic pressure which is why he is taking erratic decisions regarding China's geopolitical goal. India and Taiwan will continuously face these kinds of incursions as long as China will share land boundaries with Indian and maritime boundaries with Taiwan. 

There is only one solution left for the world. The world has to balkanize China the way it did with the USSR. However, this is a nearly impossible task because China is an economic superpower with a massive economy. China's rise to this point is the culmination of the United States' grand plan to run its own one. Let us end with some questions: Who is truly responsible for any war anywhere in the world? And why did the US help China first, knowing the inevitable?