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India faces today is from the Pakistan-China strategic nexus that seeks to change the status quo

The Pakistan-China strategic nexus poses a significant challenge for India today. The close relationship between these two nations, characterized by military and economic cooperation, has the potential to change the regional balance of power and disrupt the status quo. The growing military capabilities of both nations and their expanding economic and strategic interests are causing alarm for India and the international community.

Pakistan has long relied on China for military and economic support, and the two nations have a history of close cooperation. China has provided Pakistan with military equipment, nuclear technology, and infrastructure development, while Pakistan has served as a crucial gateway for China's entry into the Middle East and South Asia. The recent construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has only strengthened the strategic nexus between the two nations, as it provides China with access to the Indian Ocean and enhances its military capabilities in the region.

The close relationship between Pakistan and China has implications for India's national security, as it threatens to change the status quo in South Asia. The presence of a strong and supportive ally in the region gives Pakistan greater leverage in its dealings with India, particularly with regards to the ongoing dispute over the Kashmir region. Additionally, the expansion of China's military and economic influence in the region is seen as a direct challenge to India's dominance in South Asia.

The Pakistan-China strategic nexus also has wider regional and global implications. The close cooperation between these two nations has the potential to destabilize the region, particularly if it leads to an increase in military tensions and the arms race. Additionally, the growing economic and strategic influence of China in South Asia is viewed with concern by the international community, as it could lead to a shift in the global balance of power.

In conclusion, the Pakistan-China strategic nexus is a major challenge for India and the international community today. The close relationship between these two nations poses a threat to regional stability and has the potential to change the status quo in South Asia. The international community must work to address these concerns and promote peace and stability in the region.